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“...[Emperors Club] is trading in nimble, exuberant indie rock with a smattering of ’90s influences and enough hooks that the music could have come from any decade.” - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

“...Their tunes are immediately infectious and danceable, but there’s still enough going on underneath the surface to warrant repeat listens. Exuberant harmonies, spiky guitars, and fantastic lovelorn lyrics make these guys a group I will definitely be keeping an eye on.” - The Milk Carton

“Check out the latest single from Iowa City's Emperors Club - it's a good one!” - The Indie Machine

On the surface, "Our Time" seems to be channeling a more American set of 90s influences...However...you realize that this is in fact the grittier, indier twin of McAlmont & Butler's classic “Yes" - The Metaphorical Boat

“I cannot describe what makes me like this song that much; perhaps it is the mixture of the good moods emanating from it, punctuated by the raucous music itself.” - Deafening Silence

“...a nice shot of unexpected Iowa power pop that sounds more Merseybeat than Midwest.” - Glam-Racket

“...Each instrument, beat, strum, pluck, serves the overarching piece without feeling too rudimentary or hackneyed. Like hitting a Mariano Rivera cutter, writing a tight pop ballad is a feat, my friends...” - Corn-Fed Critic

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Iowa City - The Mill

Iowa City - Blue Moose

Iowa City - Gabes

Iowa City - Blue Moose

Chicago, IL - The Hideout

Iowa City - Mission Creek Festival

Iowa City - The Mill

Iowa City - Gabes

Iowa CIty - Englert Theatre

Iowa CIty - The Mill

Iowa City - The Mill

Ames, IA - Alexander Recording

Grinnell College

Iowa City - Gabes

Iowa City - Mission Creek Festival

Iowa City - Gabes

Iowa City - United Methodist

Iowa CIty - Gabes

Des Moines - Wooly’s

Iowa City - Gabes

Des Moines, Hy-Vee Stage, 5pm

Iowa City - Gabes

w/ The Smoking Popes

w/ David Bazan

w/ Miles Nielsen

w/ Blind Pilot

w/ Deathships

w/ The Antlers

w/ Surgeons In Heat

w/ Grand Tetons

w/ Datagun

w/ Icarus Himself / Alex Body

w/ Birds and Batteries

Max Ames Festival

w/ Empires

w/ The Henry Clay People

w/ Divine Fits

w/ Akron/Family

w/ Best Coast

w/ Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship

Iowa Public Radio Play-In

80/35 w/ David Byrne & St. Vincent

w/ The Olympics



STREAM - Killer Companion


The Castle - CD EP

Released October 11, 20011

Mission Freak Records

Limited Edition Physical:


Killer Companion

Released March 31, 20013